100 Proven Ways to Acquire and Keep Clients for Life

Live Q&A with Richard Weylman

Special Zoom Event Hosted By Bob Burg
100 Proven Ways To Acquire and Keep Clients for Life by Richard Weylman

Live Q&A with Richard Weylman – Part 2*

*Due to a strange technical issue with the Zoom, the first part did not record.

100 Proven Ways to Acquire and Keep Clients for Life: The Path to Permanent Business Success

Embrace this rare opportunity to spend one full hour of Q&A with a man I consider to be my “distance mentor” and one of the key influences in my career. (And there are many, MANY others who feel the same way!)

And it happens to be about a topic that makes a business special, desirable, and profitable. No, it’s not about customer service. It’s much more than that. It’s about CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and how that can not only help you to acquire new clients, but turn them into raving fans and referral sources, as well!

As Richard says…

“The cost of client acquisition is capital-intensive, time-consuming, and requires relentless effort. Consequently, your focus—regardless of your role in the business—should be to turn every “satisfied” client into a *delighted advocate* of your business. Delighted advocates tell others, and this substantial word of mouth helps you acquire more clients just like them.”

And, in my opinion, here’s the crux of it all. He writes…

“What they seek is an experience that is consistently thoughtful, kind, empathetic, and caring, with interactions and moments that create invaluable lasting impressions.”

Indeed! And when you and your team members are consistently providing this type of experience, you’ll not only have those customers/clients for life, they’ll tell their friends, who will be, as well. And they’ll tell their friends, who will te…well, you know the rest.

Richard Weylman

In Richard’s amazing book, 100 Proven Ways to Acquire and Keep Clients for Life: The Path to Permanent Business Success (read Chapter One then pre-order the book) you’ll learn principles, strategies, and tactics that will help you and your team to provide these experiences on an ongoing and continual basis.

Richard is one of the most sought after and highly-paid business speakers in the world (just a few of his clients include Lincoln Financial Group, General Motors, Jazzercise, Oppenheimer, Rollins, Gulfstream, Stanley Steemer, etc.) and he’s giving us an entire hour of his time.

Richard speaks for major companies and organizations at their events. So, unless you’re an employee of these companies you don’t get an opportunity like this to actually ask Richard questions and hear his wisdom live, first-hand.

So feel welcome to register now and join us. If I may suggest, it’ll be about the best hour you’ve ever invested in your business.